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Girls and Boys Basketball

ALL athletes must have a updated physical dated AFTER April 1st 2023 in order to participate in tryouts and to make any team at Fulmer Middle School and at Airport High School for the 2023-24 school year!

Athletic Fees Procedures for 2022 – 2023


High school student athletic fees are $75 and are payable to the student's home high school.  This annual fee allows the student to participate in multiple sports without any additional fees for this school year. 


Middle school student athletic fees are $50 and are payable to the student's home middle school even if the student plays only a high school sport. If the student plays both a middle and high school sport, they are assessed the annual $50 fee only one time – payable to the student’s home middle school.


Athletic secretaries/bookkeepers at the high school and middle school will need to share information regarding the payment of fees related to those middle school students playing high school sports.

Basketball Schedule
***Tickets to all basketball games are sold electronically only.*******
Date Day Opponent Time Girls/Boys
11/27 Monday @ Busbee 5:30/7:00
12/4 Monday @ Irmo 5:30/7:00
12/11 Monday vs Northside 5:30/7:00
12/14 Thursday vs Chapin 5:30/7:00
1/4 Thursday @Pine Ridge 5:30/7:00
1/8 Monday vs Dutch Fork 5:30/7:00
1/11 Thursday vs Busbee 5:30/7:00
1/18 Thursday vs Irmo 5:30/7:00
1/22 Monday @Chapin 5:30/7:00
1/25 Thursday @ Northside 5:30/7:00
1/29 Monday vs Pine Ridge 5:30/7:00
2/1 Thursday @ Dutch Fork 5:30/7:00
2/5 Monday 1st Round Playoffs  
2/8 Thursday Semi Finals  
2/10 Saturday Championship  
Boys Basketball
Brett Ebener [email protected] 
Girls Basketball
Nikki Cunningham [email protected] 
Haley Christiansen [email protected] 
Bowling (located at Airport High School)
Wrestling (located at Airport High School)