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Advisory and Enrichment

What is Advisory?
Advisory is an opportunity for students to engage in a small group environment with students and an adult group leader who share similar interests and/or hobbies.  The mission of advisory is to bring the "fun factor" to an academically rigorous environment.
What Advisory groups are available?
Click HERE for a list of Advisory groups for the 2023 - 24 school year.
Advisory FAQs for Students and Parents
Q:  How often does Advisory meet?
A:  On average, Advisory groups meet twice per month throughout the entire school year.  
Q:  How does a student select an Advisory group?
A:  All students will select their top choices for Advisory groups at the beginning of each school year through a Google form.  Students will only be placed in an Advisory group that they select.  In short, if you DO NOT select a particular group, you WILL NOT be placed in a group that was not selected.  Students will remain with in the same Advisory group for the entire school year.
Q:  How long are Advisory group meetings?
A:  Advisory sessions are 60 minutes in length and take place during the first part of the day, just after Homeroom.  Groups will meeting once per month.
Q:  How does a student request a change their Advisory group?
A:  Please reach out to Ms. Keely Ballentine, our School Counselor, at [email protected] to request a change in an Advisory group. 
Q:  How does a parent request a change in their child's Advisory group?
A:  Please reach out to Dr. Megan Carrero, our Principal, at [email protected] to request a change in an Advisory group.
What is Enrichment?
Enrichment opportunities are provided on a daily basis for students who have completed all their assignments for their classes and are not scheduled to receive intervention during our Morning Tutoring program.  These opportunities are designed to be flexible and incentivize positive academic behaviors.  Students can elect on a morning by morning basis whether or not to attend an enrichment group based on the academic criteria listed above and availability of the enrichment group.
Examples of Enrichment Sign-Ups