Mrs. Rachel Caughman » 7th Grade English/Language Arts

7th Grade English/Language Arts

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA where we are writers, readers, critical thinkers, and researchers.       

      Being able to articulate ideas, stories, thoughts, opinions, and feelings is an important part of being productive in life.  These life skills are embedded in the curriculum for ELA through the texts we read and the tasks students complete through their writing, researching, and critical thinking.  I look forward to assisting my students with becoming more proficient in these areas.

      I am a product of Lexington County, receiving my education in Lexington School District One, graduating from Lexington High School.  I graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education; I later received my certification with an add-on in Middle Level ELA.  I also received my Master of Education Degree from Columbia College in Divergent Learning.  This school year is my tenth year of teaching, and my first year teaching in the seventh grade.  My prior years of teaching have always been in sixth grade where I taught math my first year and ELA the remaining years.  Since I was very young, I always wanted to become a teacher and have had a passion for upper elementary and middle level students in helping to guide them in becoming a productive person in their own lives and the lives of others around them.  Most days, outside of school, you can find myself and my husband at some type of ball field or gym where we cheer on my two step-children in the sports they participate in, as well as “our kids” who are Fulmer Falcon and Airport Eagle athletes.

I'm excited for continuing a wonderful school year!