Mr. Stewart, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

About Me     
     I am from Lexington, SC originally, and traveled upstate to undergo my professional training at Newberry College. While at Newberry College, I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Middle Level Education with a specialty in Mathematics and English Language Arts.
     When I am not teaching I really enjoy (in no particular order), practicing guitar, playing with and training my dogs, reading, playing disc golf or basketball, and hanging out with Mrs. Stewart! Please be on the lookout weekly for updates about what's going on in class, or see below!
Weekly Agenda
      Below is an interactive presentation outlining my classroom procedures.
Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions!
School Phone
     Here is where your student can find most of the links they will need this year at Fulmer.

Office Hours


2 - 3:30



Power-School Coding for My Course
Power-School Reminders
Power-School Coding:
An orange dot means the student hasn't been turned in yet at the time of me putting it in the gradebook; it is missing. These should be done first.
blue dot means the learning process is incomplete - the student hasn't done corrections yet. These should be done next.
Course syllabi
Click here for ELA Syllabus.
Click here for ELA Advanced  Syllabus.