Ms. Jessica Zearfoss » 6th-8th TMDSC

6th-8th TMDSC

Welcome to my page, my name is Jessica Zearfoss. I am in my 2nd year teaching both of which I have enjoyed at Fulmer. I grew up in the Philadelphia Pa area moving to Charleston SC in 2001 and then Columbia in 2008. I attended Grand Canyon University and graduated with a degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. I have also worked as an Applied Behavior Analysis therapist for 5 years with students who have autism. 
I am excited to have the privilege of implementing the Special Olympics Unified Champion School program at Fulmer. As a Unified Champion school we combine Unified Sports, Inclusive Youth Leadership and Whole School Engagement to create school and community climates of acceptance and inclusion. This program includes the service learners who not only work in my class to help my student develop social skills but they also help develop the youth leadership side and plan whole school engagement events. 
 In my free time I love to go camping and hiking with my son and our 2 dogs who are convinced they are people. I love being able to find new ways to help my students interact and learn from the world around them as well as helping my students learn to be as independent as possible and develop skills to last a lifetime.