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Career Exploration

Hi Students!  

My name is Mrs. Swygert and I'm the Career Specialist here at Fulmer.  

During your time at Fulmer, you will be exploring careers in a variety of ways:   

 through classroom career lessons, career assessments, school-wide events & activities, morning

 news segments, district-wide College and Career Readiness days, guest career speakers, 

bulletin board displays, and Job Shadowing days!

(Week of November 20 & 21, 2017 )

Q: No question for this short, two-day week.  Check back next Monday! 

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Career Development Steps for Middle-Schoolers:

  1. Self-Awareness (career & personal assessments)

  2. Career Exploration (classroom career guidance, career website exploration)

  3. Educational and Career Planning (8th grade IGP - Individual Graduation Plan meeting)

What exactly IS Career Exploration, anyway?

Career Exploration is the process of...
  • learning about yourself and the world of work
  • identifying and exploring potentially satisfying occupations
  • developing an effective strategy to realize your goals

Why do I need to explore careers?  I'm only in middle school!!!

 The SC Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) of 2005 was designed to give South Carolina students the  educational tools they need to build prosperous, successful futures. 

 The implementation of this law created a new vision for how students would plan for their futures.  The concept of planning  ahead is at the core of the EEDA legislation.  The goal is to connect academic studies with the world of work.  Career goals of  middle school students tend to be more realistic than those of elementary students and begin to reflect values and skills as  well as interests.  The expected outcome is for students to transition smoothly from middle school to high school and then to  post secondary education and/or the workplace.  

 Before students register for high school courses during the second semester of their 8th grade year, they and their parents  will sit down with either Mrs. Brewton or myself to develop an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) to guide them through their  next four years.  During IGP conferences, students will have the opportunity to choose a cluster of study based upon their  interests.  

  The 16 Career Clusters, as identified by 

the U.S. Dept. of Education:

** Click on the icon for in-depth information on any Career Cluster! **

Helpful Career-Related  Sites 
for Fulmer students:

TOP LEFT:  Exploring Careers                                                                                 TOP RIGHT:  Personality Types and 
                                                                                                                                                                          Career Assessments

BOTTOM LEFT:  Getting a job!                                                                     BOTTOM RIGHT:  Sites related to testing   
Resumes, Cover Letters,                                                                                                                       and college preparation   
Thank You letters, Common Mistakes

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